Oyotunji Donations


Oyotunji African Village (OAV) is the first African Village community based on the culture of the Yoruba and Dahomey tribes of West Africa; founded (1970) in the Americas.  Now in 2022, after over 49 years of sustaining the only Kingdom based on traditional Yoruba sociology and values, OAV brings to the Low-country and greater global community the depth of culture, beautiful art, grandeur of customs and resilient history of the New World Yoruba.

OAV is positioned as the pinnacle center for learning, exploring and celebrating the ancient traditions and culture of the Yoruba people of present day West Africa. The vision of this unprecedented institution lends itself to flowering into a national and international ethnic, cultural, resource and service based community. With goals to cultivate media production (print and audio visual) facilities, ongoing sustainable agriculture/mari-culture initiatives, as well as import/export and entertainment conglomerate business ventures.

The Kingdom of Oyotunji African Village's core business is to serve in the elevation of humanity's understanding and appreciation of the genius, highly technical, social and Royal hierarchy of African people. The institution of OAV serves as a real-time reminder of the sociology and African world view contribution made to society by African ancestors of antiquity. 


All Donations are highly appreciated. We are asking for donations to help rebuild the Yoruba Royal Academy school for children. As you can see in the video the building has a lot of wear and tear due to storms, tornadoes and age. We need construction workers, we need supplies, we need teachers, books and more. Every donation will go to fixing up this historic building so we can start teaching the children again because as you know the public schools are indoctrinating our youth. At the Yoruba Academy children will be taught the Yoruba language, survival skills, Sacred songs, dance, agriculture, and more. Click the link below to donate.

Every Donation Counts!