Oyotunji Festival

​MAY 6-8TH 

A series of elaborate and brilliant parades and parties in honor of the mother of the river. River parade and lectures will honor the mother deity of Osun.


This is a spiritual retreat to help you learn about the history of the Yourbua People and African tradition. You will learn about the language the dances, song and praise, different authentic yoruba traditon. It wil lbe a celebration of OSHUN the Diety of Lovey and fertility. There will be festivies, vendors, dancing singing, classes, ceremonies and more  awaken your spirit by stepping out of your comfort zone.


Established in 1970, Oyotunji Yoruba African Kingdom offers visitors a glimpse into the long intricate history and unique way of life of the Yoruba of south west Nigeria. Yoruba history and culture is preserved through historical documents, monthly festivals, decorative temples, workshops, archival photographs and origanal art. Walk through history and find out how you can become a member of the ancestral tradition.


This is a beautiful experience for the whole family to give the knowledge love and traditional skills to help you move forward in life with a solid foundation and purpose. Balance is key to our practice as we believe spiritual growth does not have to be a punishment. It is a celebration and rebirth. A cleansing process of letting go of the old to make space for the new. 

This is a cultural and spiritual growth journey in the beautiful historical land of SOUTH CAROLINA. On this journey, you will grow in physical strength,  and spiritual, mental, and emotional fortitude.  You will not want to go back to the old you. 

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What’s included: Pickup and drop off to and from the airport. Transportation for all location activities. All meals included. Lodging included. All classes and daily activities are included. WhatsApp group support.

What’s not included: Airfare & Covid test fee.


Tentative Itinerary

Capoeira self defense 

Horseback tours  of Oyotunji and the Gullah trail. Travel thru African history in America as your Guide takes you via horse back thru the local rice patties and portions of the underground railroad. This historic tour is educational and natural fun for the whole family. "Walk thru the foot steps of the ancestors". 


Hiking tours are a great way to get up and close to nature. Your experienced guide will take you and your family on a nature walk thru the Gullah trail. These lands were worked by African people for hundreds of years. Many African peoples lost their culture in these same rice fields. Today you can walk thru the history and at the end walk back thru culture as you tour the Sacred Yoruba Village of Oyotunji.



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