Spiritual Readings (tarot,palm,love,money,etc)

Spiritual Readings (tarot,palm,love,money,etc)

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Ancestral Tarot Reading ($70)


This is a tarot spread that can be used to connect with your ancestors (Egun Egun) and can help you gain wisdom and messages from them. This reading can also be used to perform channeling and mediumship with your loved ones that have passed over.



  1. What ancestors are with me presently?
  2. What legacy has been handed down to me?
  3. How can I continue this legacy?
  4. What gifts or skills have I inherited?
  5. How can I best honour my ancestors?
  6. What messages do my ancestors have for me?

General Reading ( Are conducted for 30 and 60 min. sessions)

30 Min Reading- $40

60 Min Reading- $70

A general tarot reading is meant to illuminate a situation and to explore what changes (if any) you can make to improve your situation. General readings can explore many topics such as Health, Finances, Career, Love and Relationships.


Past Life Reading ($70)

Are you curious about your past lives and how they affect you today? This past life tarot spread will help you understand the challenges and lessons that you are currently experiencing which have been carried over from past lives.

You will also be able to identify the important lesson that you learned from a past life which can help you the most right now. Insight and understanding of past lives can be extremely helpful in transcending current challenges and this past life tarot spread helps you do just that!


A Past Life Reading can help you identify:

Who you were in a past life

How that past life affects you current life

What lesson from that past life will help you today

Yearly Outlook Tarot Reading ($70)

We look at the larger and smaller trends of your upcoming year; also past, present and future. I will give practical insight on how to plot your course through the also go through a month by month over-view of the year looking at themes and ideal areas to focus on.

Astrology Reading ($125)

Astrology gives perspective; it teaches us to see things with greater understanding and compassion. A reading can help you navigate through the more challenging periods in life while understanding and integrating the lessons you’re intended to learn. Astrology can also help you take advantage of great opportunity.

Palm Readings ($40)

 Palm reading or hand prediction is to learn a person’s personalities, fortune and future by analyzing his/her hands  by reading the fine lines of that hand. In our palm reading session we will go over many different aspects and events that have had an influence on you past, present, and future.