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Healthy Kidney

Healthy Kidney

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All Natural Kidney Detox to help nourish and optimize kidney function.

*Please Read The Description Thoroughly *

Ingredients: Distilled water, Burdock seed, Chanca Piedra, Couch Grass, Dandelion, Nettle, Seven Bark, Yarrow, Zea Mays

Call or book a consultation  via website at the bottom of the home page or type into the search area with us if you are on Dialysis or Even if you are not on Dialysis so we can tell you how to properly take this tonic and if you have any further questions. 

When you purchase this tonic or kidney bundle CONTACT US for proper instructions everyone’s instructions are not the same 🙏🏿 803-888-7717

*If you are on dialysis, take the healthy kidney ONLY on the days you DO NOT go to Dialysis. You should also take our WOODROOT TONIC to help strengthen your kidney. 

DO NOT  Take Healthy Kidney on the days you do go to Dialysis

Depending on your situation you may need to pair this tonic with the Woodroot Tonic or you may require the Kidney Bundle which includes the Superior Cleanse, Woodroot Tonic, and Healthy Kidney.

Our KidneyGuide is recommended for diet change, etc if you purchase a consultation this is provided.

Please be advised depending on the state of your health and kidneys you may need to do either a 3month, 6 month or year treatment plan and depending or your situation this time can require an extended period.

The tonic works best with consistency. Stages 4 and 5, there is always a possibility of detoxifying benefits with consistency, diet changes, and fasting.

Detoxing results can take 3 months to a year , so one bottle will  not be enough.

Be sure to purchase our Kidney Guide for Supportive information on diet, meal plan, meal prepping, and exercise information.

We do also advise our clients to book a CONSULTATION  especially if there are other issues going on or in late stages so that you can be guided one on one and go deeper into a plan for the best results.

Remember to contact us for any questions! 803.888.7717

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