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Healthy Kidney Bundle

Healthy Kidney Bundle

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Healthy Kidney (Size)
WoodRoot Tonic (Size)
Superior Cleanse (Size)

Bundle includes:

1 Healthy Kidney 

1 Woodroot tonic 

1 Superior Cleanse 

Kidney Bundle comes is 8oz, 16 oz, and 32oz

Please read ALL instructions and information below before purchasing. Type in Kidney Guide to purchase the kidney guide.

Superior Cleanse is taken by it’s self for seven days then once or twice a week either Saturday or Sunday.
Healthy Kidney and Woodroot are then taken after the 7 days depending on your situation you will either take Healthy Kidney  1 tbsp a day, 1/2 ounce a day or 1 full ounce a day. Some of our clients will need adjusted amounts for example 1/2 ounce for the first 7 days then continue with full ounce. Contact us first if you have Acute, CKD or KF for clarification. 

*Please Read The Description Thoroughly *

Contact for instructions on how to use “after” you have purchased if you are confused 📞

It is highly recommended to purchase a consultation before purchasing this bundle so we can make sure this bundle is best fo you. If you are on dialysis or any meds please call us so we can give you instructions on how to take. Consultation section can be search in the search bar or at the bottom of the first page.

This bundle can be purchased consistently or as needed. Depending on your situation you may either continue with the bundle or just the Woodroot Tonic and Healthy Kidney. Ask questions and we will let you know.


Call or book a consultation with us if you are on Dialysis so we can tell you how to properly take this tonic and if you have any further questions.

*If you are on dialysis, take the healthy kidney ONLY on the days you DO NOT go to Dialysis. You should also take our WOODROOT TONIC to help strengthen your kidney / for dialysis clients this is taken after dialysis on days of dialysis. 

Why is a consultation recommended? Depending on your situation and your questions you may be required to book a consultation. This helps us to understand your situation and thoroughly investigate for the best options for you. The consultation consists of a 30 to 45 minute conversation with a questionnaire. The consultations are over the phone but if you prefer in person please make a note of that in the booking option, this will be at the location of the store. Depending on your situation you will also be provided dieting advice, exercise advise, etc. There will also be a free pdf or mailed guide document provided with informative information to assist you on your journey. You are provided one on one follow up communication either by email or through our assistant line that will be provided during your consultation.

Depending on your situation you may need to take this combination consistently or every other month until desired results. Contact us for instructions on how to take these recommended tonics.

Please be advised depending on the state of your health and kidneys you may need to do either a 3month, 6 month or year treatment plan. So as stated above depending on your situation it will take time.

The tonic works best with consistency. Stages 4 and 5, there is always a possibility of detoxifying benefits with consistency, diet changes, and fasting.

Be sure to purchase our Kidney Guide for Supportive information on diet, meal plan, meal prepping, and exercise information.

Once again do also advise our clients to book a CONSULTATION  especially if there are other issues going on or in late stages so that you can be guided one on one and go deeper into a plan for the best results for you.

Remember to contact us for any questions! 803.888.7717

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